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Theodore Robinson. Part 3 – Monet, Giverny and Robinson’s muse, Marie.

Whilst Robinson often depicted women at work, other paintings of his  portrayed women at rest, sometimes relaxing at the piano as was depicted in his 1887 painting At the Piano.  The painting was completed whilst he was staying at the … Continue reading

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Eugène Galien-Lalou – the painter of Paris

La Belle Époque, which literally means “Beautiful Age” is a name given in France to the period from the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 and the start of World War I in 1914. So why was this termed … Continue reading

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Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and the Biedermeier era

My blog today starts with a caricature of Gottlieb Biedermeier.  Gottlieb is not the artist of the day.  He is just the lead-in to the star attraction.  Gottlieb Biedermeier, more commonly referred to as Papa Biedermeier, used to appear as … Continue reading

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Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg. Part 2 – Rome (1813 – 1816)

In my last blog I talked about Christoffer Eckersberg travelling to Paris in 1810 where he studied under the tutelage of the French painter, Jacques-Louis David.  The year 1810 was an important year for Eckersberg for a completely different reason … Continue reading

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Samuel Palmer. Part 2 The Shoreham Ancients, William Blake and later life

Samuel Palmer was seventeen years old when he met the painter John Linnell and they would remain friends for life, a period stretching almost sixty years, albeit on occasions their relationship was somewhat strained during Palmer’s marriage to Linnell’s daughter. … Continue reading

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Samuel Palmer Part 1. The Early years, portraiture and the rural idyll

My featured artist today is one of the great English landscape painters, draughtsmen and etcher of the nineteenth century.  He was a major player in the art of Romanticism.  His landscape works were special, conjured up by his inventive and … Continue reading

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Arnold Böcklin. Part 1 – early years and landscape painting

Paintings can elicit all kinds of feelings from the observer.  Some of the realist and critical realist paintings elicit a feeling of sadness and guilt.  Some paintings extract from us a sense of fear, whilst others bring forth a feeling … Continue reading

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