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Jennie Augusta Brownscombe

In my last blog I looked at the life of the nineteenth century American painter, Anna Elizabeth Klumpke.  Today I want to look at the life of one of her contemporaries, Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, who was born just six years … Continue reading

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Henry Herbert La Thangue – the pictorial documenter of rural life

A few blogs ago I looked at the life and works of George Clausen and termed his art as rustic realism and today I want to delve into the life and the art work of another such painter, the English … Continue reading

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Sir George Clausen. Part 2 – More rural works and the War artist

In this concluding part looking at the life and works of George Clausen, later Sir George Clausen, I will focus on his love of depicting workers labouring in the fields in a genre of art which was often referred to … Continue reading

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Sir George Clausen. Part 1. Rustic Naturalism and the influence of Jules Bastien-Lepage

There is something very intriguing about “–isms” when talking about genres in art.  We are all aware of them common ones such as realism, impressionism, cubism, etc.  In fact I have an art history book about “-isms”.  Today I want … Continue reading

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